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Getting Started With Cloth

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Using today’s cloth diapers is simpler than you may think – after all, the diapers were invented by Moms like you! Here are 10 tips to getting started on your journey:

Sized cloth diapers vs. one size is your first decision to make.  Many people like the convenience of a one size diaper that will fit from ‘birth to potty training’ without having to buy anymore diapers.  In reality most one size diapers do not start fitting a newborn well until about 10lbs.  This leaves you with a grey area from newborn – 10lbs which you either need to fill with newborn specific diapers or a newborn rental kit.  Sized diapers, however, will generally fit newborns quite well and while you do have to size up to larger diapers as baby grows, there is no fussing with sizing adjustments and you will get a trimmer fit overall for baby in sized diapers especially when they are small.

Leave generic diapering to your friends using disposables.

Purchase 20-24 diapers to get started if you want enough to wash every second day. 12-16 if you are cloth diapering an older baby (over 6 months), diapering only part time or if you don’t mind daily washing.

You will need a place to store your diapers until wash time, preferably a washable diaper pail like the FuzziBunz Hanging Diaper Pail. You may also want an optional diaper sprayer to rinse soiled diapers over the toilet as well as cloth wipes for cleaning baby’s bottom. Also useful are wool dryer balls to decrease drying time and flushable liners for easy cleanup when baby starts solids.

After receiving your order of diapers, try one on before washing the entire lot to ensure a perfect fit. You cannot return washed or soiled diapers.

DIAPER CHANGES: Simply plop solids if any in the toilet, and place in your diaper pail. Remember to separate the insert from the diaper before placing in your diaper pail if you are using pocket style diapers like FuzziBunz.

Empty diaper pail contents into the washing machine. Soak or rinse/spin on cold and then run a hot water cycle with detergent. Rinse with cold water. Line dry or dry on low setting in your dryer.

Like any new routine, getting used to cloth diapers takes time and patience. Your first few diaper changes and washings may take some getting used to… don’t give up!

Once you get into your groove, you won’t even think twice about using cloth. Plus, you will never have to worry about running out of diapers, making midnight runs to the store to buy diapers, storing bulky boxes of diapers in your house or buying diaper rash ointments and creams. In other words, all you’ll ever need to diaper your baby is in your home… where it should be.


Author: splanchak

I am a WAHM (Work At Home Mom) to our precious kids, wife to a wonderful husband and owner of your online baby store Haven't tried cloth diapering yet? Come on over to the green side... But's addictive ;)

One thought on “Getting Started With Cloth

  1. There is a great solution for newborns when it comes to the size issue in cloth diapers. Buy a dozen flat flanelette diapers or make them yourself, either white or a cute print, 27 inches square. Get grandma or an older mom to show you how to fold them into a triangle diaper. You can use one of your inserts, diaper pins or clips, and a size 1 cover. They can be folded to fit any size baby and can be used later folded as an extra liner, use as a swaddle cloth, nursing cover, or as an extra cover in the crib car seat or crib. Because they are single layer they wash and dry quickly.IMO cloth diapering has become a nightmare with all the different systems.. Keep it simple. Sure all the fancy prefolds look cute, but this isn’t the catwalk, its basic baby care. Save the cuteness for the diaper covers.

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