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The Amazing FuzziBunz® Lifetime Warranty

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I want to take a minute and highlight the amazing warranty offered by FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers…because it’s a lifetime warranty.  You heard right.  Lifetime.

That’s a pretty bold stance for a company to make and it’s a great indication of the quality of their diapers.  They stand behind their product so that you can feel confident that your cloth diaper investment is fully protected.

Here’s the details:

Snap Defects – Lifetime
Snap defects are defined as a snap that has fallen off or does not connect well rendering the diaper defective. If at any time your FuzziBunz lose a snap, they will replace the product regardless of when it was purchased.

PUL Defects – Lifetime
PUL defects, commonly known as de-lamination, is defined as the the waterproof layer separating and peeling away from the cloth layer. Diapers purchased in 2010 and moving forward will be covered under this lifetime warranty.
(Note: PUL can be ruined by bleaching, chemicals, excessively high heat and time. PUL will not be covered if any of these environmental factors have played a part in the loss of functionality.  However if the PUL is going to de-laminate it usually does so very quickly after the first few washes)

Sewing/Workmanship Defects – 1 Year
This is defined as a diaper that is completely falling apart at the seams and is no longer usable.

We have been selling FuzziBunz here at Cloth Diaper Kids now for 4 years.  In that time, we have only had a handful of customers (less than 5) who experienced warranty issues.  All of them received prompt service from the FuzziBunz warranty department AND were sent new replacement diapers with no hassles.  THAT is money well spent and THAT is one of the reasons we love FuzziBunz.

*Remember – for any diaper brand that has warranty on it, keep your original receipt in case you ever need to use the warranty service and take photos.  The manufacturer will usually ask for both of these things when reviewing your claim.

P.S. FuzziBunz is also the only mainstream, long-standing brand to offer a lifetime warranty.  Pretty cool huh?


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