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101 Ways To Use A Diaper Sprayer

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Let’s get right to it.  Are diaper sprayers really worth it?  What are they good for anyway?

#1) Rinsing diapers of course.  Nothing better than a diaper sprayer once baby starts solids to help toss chunky stuff off the diaper into the toilet before washing them.  They are easy to install without tools and the adjustable water flow makes sprayers a lovely cloth diapering accessory.  By the way, rinsing diapers isn’t limited to dirty diapers.  Rinsing urine soaked nap and nighttime diapers is a fantastic way to prevent ammonia buildup.

#2) Rinsing Mama Cloth (cloth menstrual pads)

#3) Toddler water fight.  Yes, when the kids figure out how to use it, they will spray you.

#4) Toilet cleaning.  Genius right?

#5) Cleaning out the toddler potty.  THIS is my least favorite job.  Thankfully a diaper sprayer makes it delightfully easy and hygienic.

#6) Mama care down there – (Think bidet.  Both pre and post baby)

Okay so that’s only 6 ways to use a diaper sprayer off the top of my head but you’re going to be doing about 3000 diaper changes.  And even if only 1 in 10 of those diapers are poopy that still leaves you with 300 poopy diapers to deal with before potty training success day.  So, maybe I should have titled this post 306 Ways To Use A Diaper Sprayer 😉

By the way, our sprayers are the only ones on the market that are plumbing code approved for installation on toilets in the USA and Canada.  They also have a 3 year warranty.  That’ll get you through till potty training no?  So grab a diaper sprayer now and start enjoying those 306 benefits.

Happy diapering!slide51


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