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The Best Nighttime Cloth Diapering Solution


Successful cloth diapering at night is an important milestone and honestly it can be intimidating.  No one wants to spend time experimenting with cloth diapers if there’s any possibility of a leak at 2am and a nighttime cloth diaper solution becomes especially important when you have a heavy wetter on your hands.  Nighttime and nap-time cloth diapers are a bit different because your baby will be sleeping in their diaper for a long period of time rather than being changed every 2-3 hours or when dirty like during the day.

Usually the first thing people do when they attempt to cloth diaper at night is to adapt their current diapers by adding absorbency.  Logical right?  Adding a booster or second or third insert to a pocket diaper or all in one style diaper will give you more absorbency yes, but at some point, no matter how much extra you stuff in there you’re going to get leaks.  Why?  because the integrity of the diaper gets compromised by the extra bulk and you get gaps at the legs or a shorter rise which exposes but-crack inviting leakage up the back or out the legs.

So what do you do?  The solution is a fitted diaper.  What’s special about a fitted diaper is that it isn’t waterproof.  There is no PUL layer, it’s completely absorbent all the way around, not just through the crotch like other diaper options.  Because of this it has more total absorbency and of course you can add boosters into a fitted if you find you need to.  On top of the fitted you need some waterproofing, so a PUL or wool cover is what you put on top.the dimple diaper promo 1008px (*For all your questions about using wool.  See this post*).

Now, fitted diapers are generally made of natural fabrics – bamboo, hemp, cotton etc.  so they will generally feel wet against the skin.  Not comfortable or good for the skin over long periods of time.  So adding a fleece liner is a quick, cheap and thin addition that will provide a stay-dry layer and keep baby comfy and feeling dry.  A layer of cloth safe diaper cream is also a good preventative moisture barrier to keep skin in good shape.

Nighttime Diapering Solution:
2-3 good quality fitted diapers (so you can rotate when the others are in the wash) – the Bummis Dimple Diaper or the TotsBots Bamboozle Stretch are excellent options.
1-2 covers (PUL or wool) – we love the fit of our Rumparooz one size snap cover on our kids
Fleece liners
Cloth safe bum ointment (we love our Delish Naturals Yum Bum Butter)

**Please keep in mind that newborns and babies under aprox. 6 months will still need nighttime diaper changes as they still tend to poo overnight.  Anytime baby is dirty they need to be changed, night time or not.  The suggestions above are for babies who are a little older, usually 6+months who have started to go the night without pooing.  If they are just wet at night you can implement the above nighttime routine**

Nighttime Diapering Trick – Fighting Ammonia
Rinsing out your nap-time and overnight fitted diapers before placing them in your wet bag between washes will go a long way to combating the ammonia that sometimes plagues nighttime diapers.  Simply run them under the sink or tub faucet and wring them out a few times.

Keep those things in mind and you’ll enjoy many happy and dry nights!

Do you have a bulletproof overnight cloth diaper solution?  Share it with us in the comments.


Author: splanchak

I am a WAHM (Work At Home Mom) to our precious kids, wife to a wonderful husband and owner of your online baby store Haven't tried cloth diapering yet? Come on over to the green side... But's addictive ;)

21 thoughts on “The Best Nighttime Cloth Diapering Solution

  1. I have the Dimple diaper and it works so well with my 3 year old under our Applecheeks.

  2. Found this article really helpful. Right now my 2.5 month old gets through his nights in an applecheeks with 3 ply bamboo insert and he can stay in it all night. He doesn’t poop in his night time diaper and the 3 ply holds enough pee for 8 hours of constant sleep so we don’t have to wake him in the middle of the night with a diaper change. Even with a wipe warmer he would inevitably wake. However as he gets older he will probably need more night time diapering options, so this article is great for preparing us!

  3. I always used to use disposables at night until my then 4mo would soak thru those as well. Fitteds with a cover worked for us for the last (almost 2 years)…then we got lazy? out of the habit? new baby in the house? velco went on the fitteds?
    This makes me want to go at it again…thanks!

  4. I tried so many things overnight with our first and finally landed on using a BumGenius 4.0 pocket (she got rashes with any fitted that I tried, even with a huge fleece liner to keep her dry). I stuffed it with the full sized MF insert and a Blueberry bamboo insert (it was super long and had snaps to adjust the size)!

  5. We have two Dimple diapers – love them so much!

  6. For me it was Geffen Baby hemp prefolds that allowed us to.cloth overnight. Hemp is so amazing & was cheaper than a fitted diaper. Though I’d love to try a fitted

  7. Thank you for this article. My son is 3 months and we’re trying to figure out our nighttime diaper routine. Because he is a heavy wetter it’s very difficult and we have been struggling with leg gaps. I may have to try a fitted now!

  8. Thank you for this awesome information.

  9. Very glad I found this article!

  10. We use sloomb with a fitted overnight, but I have been thinking of trying the dimple diaper!

  11. We also use sloomb or wahm hybrid fitteds at night. Ive been dying to try the bummis dimple diaper though, it sunds great!

  12. We’ve been able to stuff pocket diapers with 2 hemp inserts, and the work great. My husband never could remember that fitted diapers still need a cover… sigh

  13. Thanks for the great info! Good tips 🙂

  14. I used a Motherease fitted with extra insert and wool cover. Seemed to work for us!

  15. Thanks for the great info! I’m doing lots of research and preparing for when my little one gets here in May, this will definitely help!

  16. we still dont have a great cloth night solution. I guess prefolds are covers are the best that we have. i wish I had fitteds and wool

  17. Thank you for this post! I was wondering how to get through the night and there are so many differing opinions. Fitted diapers sound like a great solution!

  18. My baby doesn’t seem to pee at night (I know, big problems, right?) I’d be worried, but she has lots of wet diapers during the day, so the “nighttime solutions” are usually my daytime solutions! lol. Thanks for all the great tips.

  19. Great tips! We love our Dimple diaper, thought we still need to add an extra hemp insert because my daughter is such a heavy wetter. I’ll have to try you tip for rinsing diapers after a long night!

  20. We still do disposables at night, but would love to try a dimple diaper to go cloth full-time.

  21. I use two thirstes hemp inserts in a bum genius or jungle roo pocket cover

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