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Funky Fluff Bought By Bummis Cloth Diapers

Huge news in the cloth diapering world of fluff.  Bummis has just bought out Funky Fluff.  What?  I know.  Crazy.  But it’s all going to be good.  Here’s the 411 from the announcement made by Funky Fluff:

Our dearest Funky Fluff Fans,

First off, we would like to extend our gratitude for your loyalty and patience over the past few months. We know you’ve been wondering what is happening behind the scenes at Funky Fluff.

We have such big dreams for Funky Fluff, and sometimes, to achieve those dreams you need to find your Fluffy Godmother. Who better to make our dreams come true than Canada’s longest standing and biggest cloth diaper brand?

We are thrilled to announce that we are joining forces with Bummis, one of the North American leaders in the cloth diapering industry. The new alliance with a company who shares our passion for cloth diapering will bring the Funky Fluff brand of products to more parents around the world.

We believe that by coming under the umbrella of a bigger organization with accessible resources and capabilities, we will be better equipped to spread the message about cloth diapering to a broader audience and together we will be able to offer a wide variety of options to fit each families unique needs.
Funky Fluff will become wholly owned by Bummis and continue to manufacture products overseas. Bummis’ production will remain in North America. Each brand will continue to function under their current brand name.

We have some fun plans to help feed your Funky Fluff addiction until we can finally bring you new prints and colours. There will be giveaways. There will be some FAN CHOICES in the new line up. There will be more AWJ!

Now, we know this leaves ya’ll with a million questions, so here’s all the answers…

Why did Bummis buy Funky Fluff?
Both Bummis and Funky Fluff have the same mission of offering modern, easy to use and ethically made cloth diapering products to fit each families unique needs. Folding Funky Fluff under the Bummis umbrella will allow the Company to offer a broader range of products to parents. On the other hand, the alliance will allow Funky Fluff products to expand production capabilities and meet the demand of the market, something the company has been working on for some time.  It’s a win win arrangement for both brands.

Will the two companies operate under one brand?
No.  Although Funky Fluff will become wholly owned by Bummis, it will continue to make products under the Funky Fluff brand name. Bummis will continue to manufacture products under the Bummis name.

Where will Funky Fluff products be manufactured?
Funky Fluff will continue to be manufactured overseas in China at this time. Bummis products will continue to be made in Canada.

Will the full line of Funky Fluff products continue to be available?

Bamboo and Athletic Wicking Jersey diapers will continue to be available. Athletic Wicking Jersey proved to be very successful and highly sought after by customers, therefore, Funky Fluff’s Stay Dry diapers will retire and will be replaced by Athletic Wicking Jersey as the stay dry option.

Funky Fluff flushable liners will be available for some time, however, once inventory is depleted, Bummis will continue to offer the current flushable liner product offering and discontinue Funky Fluff flushable liners in the future.

All other products will continue to be available and will be evaluated according to customer demand. We have plans to add new products to the Funky Fluff product line along with new colors and prints!

Will the current Funky Fluff colours and prints remain as part of the line up?
Funky Fluff fans will have an opportunity to choose 4 solid colours from the current AND retired line up that they would like to see return as part of the 2017 solid colour collection. All current Funky Fluff prints will retire and fans will decide on 1 brand new print to be added to the line-up. There will be more but the rest of the solids and prints will be a surprise!

What support can we expect going forward?
Customers can expect to receive the same quality support as they’re used to from Funky Fluff. All contact information (email, social media) remains the same. Kathy & Tricia will continue to be around and available for an extended period of time to help support the transition and continue to help the business grow.

Will there be changes to Funky Fluff product warranty?
No, Funky Fluff product warranty remains the same.

When will more Funky Fluff product be available with Retailers?
In approximately late January 2017 you will see new colors, new prints and some new Funky Fluff products hit the shelves here at Cloth Diaper Kids.  Stay tuned.





Caturday AppleCheeks Sold Out

Well, for those of you that scored the limited edition Caturday print from AppleCheeks, well done!  We sold out in less than 3 hours on Saturday with tons of requests for more.  We have another order request in, but looks like AppleCheeks is nearly sold out of them too, so we may get a few more, but not many.  These adorable kitty cats on purple were super popular (as are most thing AppleCheeks) and will be a beloved all time favorite print for many of you I’m sure.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for all things #AppleCheeks.  Seriously, one of the best diapers around. And #MadeInCanada too.


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BumGenius Blowout

Where are all my Cotton Babies BumGenius Fans?  We’re blowing out some #BumGenius cloth diapers for ya’ll to make room for new prints and products.  So, snag these discounted packages while you can (Canadians only).  These 6 and 12 packs of 5.0 One Size Pocket Diapers are mixed packages of all the colors we have in stock.  Choose your own colors specifically, or let us create a beautiful package for you.  Enjoy the savings and #FreeShipping during October too 😉 Available while supplies last.

BumGenius 5.0 – 6 Pack
BumGenius 5.0 – 12 Pack



Thirsties Announcement

And Thirsties is stepping up their game this year too with the new Outdoor Adventure Collection!  Most of our brands are putting out new and adorable things this week because of the All Baby and Child (#ABC Kids Expo) Conference that happens annually in October and Thirsties is no exception.  Last year they launched the Woodlands Collection and it was very popular all year for us and I think this new collection will be the same.

Thirsties is passionate about the Great Outdoors. Camping, hiking, simply basking in the breathtaking beauty – it’s one of the things that make life great. That’s why they were super ecstatic to share this year’s newest releases – during the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service in the USA – the Outdoor Adventure Collection. It will be available in all your favorite sizes, styles, and absorbencies, these colors and prints evoke the fun, serene calm, and beauty of the outdoors.

The Collection includes 4 new nature-inspired prints and 1 new color. The new prints can be purchased individually in the following diaper lines: Duo Wrap, Natural Newborn All In One, Natural One Size All In One, One Size Pocket Diaper, One Size All In One, Newborn All In One and Wet Bags. There will also be two packages available.

We will have these enroute to Cloth Diaper Kids shortly and they will be available with the rest of the Thirsties lineup for your baby soon!  Stay tuned.



NEW! Unders by GroVia

Having trouble finding underwear small enough for your little potty learner?  Have a kid who hates itchy clothing with bothersome tags?  Need totally cotton breathe-able clothing with no polyester (even in the elastics) for sensitive skinned children?  That’s the niche that Unders fills.  Kids can wear them as pyjamas, loungewear or underwear beneath their clothing.  What do you think?

Newly released just today and will be available at Cloth Diaper Kids in January 2017!

14711593_1113162432054292_7061739374329200325_o grovia_unders_sizing








#GroVia Unders from #GroVia


Handmade Local Goodness: My Diaper Addiction

mermaids-inner2They’re fuzzy, their soft and squishy, and they’re made just for us.  My Diaper Addiction cloth diapers are locally handmade specifically for our web store Cloth Diaper Kids.  Andrea is a very talented work at home seamstress who adores cloth diapers like we do and she sends us batches of one of a kind diapers for our loyal customers.

Made with a stretch cotton exterior and a bamboo velour interior, these diapers feature one size snap down adjustment and even cross-over snaps at the waist for super skinny babies.  They fit aprox. 10-30lbs, but also come in a newborn size that fits tiny babies 5-12lbs.

These diapers have such character and are very absorbent.  Perfect as a nighttime leakproof solution when you pair them with either a PUL waterproof cover or a wool cover.

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Free Shipping To Be Sprinkled On All October Orders

freeshipping1It’s Pumpkin Spice season.  #WelcomeFall.  So we decided to sprinkle some love on all our orders.  From now until Oct. 31, all online orders coming in from our website will qualify for ‘free shipping spice’ with no order minimums.  That’s right.  The new AppleCheeks release coming up in October and the new GroVia releases this month as well as all of our other brands will ship free to you.

All orders that are small enough will ship via untracked lettermail; larger orders ship by tracked Canada Post expedited.  If you want to guarantee a tracking number and a faster ship speed on your package, you can upgrade for just $3.99.

We hope this perks up your fall a little.  There’s no better way to enjoy the cooler weather than with a cute cloth diaper and a pair of snuggly legwarmers.

Find what you want us to ship free to you.

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New GroVia Prints – Coming Oct. 12

14390653_1095277750509427_6198712866311454155_nIt’s new, it’s fresh, it’s GroVia partnering up with June & January to bring you their newest print selection!

Introducing Onyx and Ballot, available shortly at Cloth Diaper Kids in hybrid shells (hook/loop or snaps) and the O.N.E diaper.  Available to order Oct. 12, 2016 on our website.

And to sweeten the deal even further, we’ve got free shipping running now until Oct. 31.  Free shipping is just one more way we make it simple to cloth diaper 😉

Mark your calendar and join us in two weeks for the launch of these super cute cloth diaper additions.

Shop our extensive GroVia selection.


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AppleCheeks Announcement – Discontinued Colors!

discontinuedIT JUST HAPPENED!  AppleCheeks just discontinued 2 colors from their regular lineup.  Say goodbye to Forget Me Not and Appletini.  Two of my favorite colors I have to say.  But grab them for your collection or to complete your AppleCheeks rainbow of colors while you still can.

We still have stock of both colors in all sizes at Cloth Diaper Kids in Canada AND we’re offering free shipping right now to boot.


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Shipping Surprises

Shout it from the rooftops, Cloth Diaper Kids now offers not just flat rate trackable shipping, but also untracked lettermail shipping ($2.95).  Woohoo!  What can be shipped lettermail in Canada for such a low rate you ask?

  • Single diapers
  • Amber or hazelwood necklaces
  • Teething pendants
  • Cloth wipes
  • Wet bags (large and small)
  • Snappis
  • Re-useable dryer sheets and more

*Basically anything that we can vacuum pack down to less than 2cm thick

Oh, and shipping is still always free for any order over $200.

So, shop away, and let the shipping be an afterthought.

And for our friends south of the border?  We now ship into the USA too!  SHOP HERE NOW
(excluding BumGenius and GroVia)