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BumGenius Blowout

Where are all my Cotton Babies BumGenius Fans?  We’re blowing out some #BumGenius cloth diapers for ya’ll to make room for new prints and products.  So, snag these discounted packages while you can (Canadians only).  These 6 and 12 packs of 5.0 One Size Pocket Diapers are mixed packages of all the colors we have in stock.  Choose your own colors specifically, or let us create a beautiful package for you.  Enjoy the savings and #FreeShipping during October too 😉 Available while supplies last.

BumGenius 5.0 – 6 Pack
BumGenius 5.0 – 12 Pack


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Free Shipping To Be Sprinkled On All October Orders

freeshipping1It’s Pumpkin Spice season.  #WelcomeFall.  So we decided to sprinkle some love on all our orders.  From now until Oct. 31, all online orders coming in from our website will qualify for ‘free shipping spice’ with no order minimums.  That’s right.  The new AppleCheeks release coming up in October and the new GroVia releases this month as well as all of our other brands will ship free to you.

All orders that are small enough will ship via untracked lettermail; larger orders ship by tracked Canada Post expedited.  If you want to guarantee a tracking number and a faster ship speed on your package, you can upgrade for just $3.99.

We hope this perks up your fall a little.  There’s no better way to enjoy the cooler weather than with a cute cloth diaper and a pair of snuggly legwarmers.

Find what you want us to ship free to you.

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GroVia Scratch Off Promo

1 in 10 chance to win over 500 available prizes just by shopping our GroVia selection of cloth diapers, training pants and accessories!  Get all the details here.  Then shop with us here to win.  *Canadian shipping addresses only*.


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Applecheeks New Releases! Easter Spring Surprise!

If you weren’t at the release party this morning – Applecheeks JUST released not one but TWO new colors!  First Crush (purple) and Crazy Love (blue)!  Check out the reveal video from the lovely ladies that own Applecheeks below…

Stunning and adorable.  I mean come on look at those babies in the bunny ears right?  And just in time for Easter!

Grab yours now at Cloth Diaper Kids AND enjoy FREE SHIPPING on anything Applecheeks for the next 3 days with coupon code: SPRING

CrazyLove Two Babies (4 of 6)  Ilanaandamy1 FirstCrush

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EcoPosh Cloth Training Pants – Buy 3 Get 1 Free

EcoPoshVenturing in to potty learning territory?  It can be an exciting and challenging time.  But what better way to help things along than with these soft cloth training undies that look and feel like real underwear.  With a hidden waterproof layer built into the middle, your child will feel wetness from accidents on the inside and the outside pulls up and down easily while feeling like a soft cotton t-shirt material.

But wanna know the coolest thing about these EcoPosh Training Pants by Kanga Care?  They’re made out of recycled water bottles! Yep!  Made out of recycled water bottles, bamboo and organic cotton to be exact. The training pants also have 2 layers of absorbent bamboo and organic cotton in the core along with that hidden panel of waterproof TPU which allows for accidents without a big upset. The training pants are available in 3 sizes (Small: 1T/2T, Medium: 2T/3T, Large: 3T+)

• Small = 25-35 lbs
• Medium = 35-45 lbs
• Large = 45+ lbs

Keep in mind that these beauties will shrink a bit after the first few washes so choose sizing accordingly.  ecoposh_TP_diagram

Side note: these are a ‘day weight’ training pant designed to handle small accidents during the day.  Great for keeping car seats dry when running errands, or as extra protection when you’re on the go and your child doesn’t make it to the potty in time.  They are not suited to overnight (for many kids).

4-6 is how many training pants you generally require through the potty learning phase and they can be rinsed out and washed right alongside any load of laundry; towels, clothing or whatever.  Or throw them in with your diaper laundry if you have enough of a load.  Then they go right in the dryer along with everything else.

So, try them out and buy 3 get 1 free while supplies last 😉

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Welcome Nuggles! and the Nordica Collection

Do you know what I like more than the diapers I sell?  The owners behind the brands that we carry.  The amazing Moms (and Dads) that design and launch creative diapering solutions for our little ones.  That’s why the newest brand to join Cloth Diaper Kids’ innovative line-up of diapers is Nuggles! Modern Cloth Diapers.10965823_10153051592969804_1222125076_n

Cherelle is the Canadian Mommy Mastermind behind these brilliantly designed diapers.  She’s spunky and dedicated; truly creative with an eye for quality details.  But what really impressed me about Nuggles! is Cherelle’s commitment to manufacturing her diapers ethically.   She ensures clean, safe, responsible, fair-wage manufacturing and is proud to employ women and families in both their overseas facilities and their company operations headquartered in Kamloops, B.C. Canada.

Fabrics used in Nuggles! diapers are also strictly attended to for your baby’s safety and comfort.  Cherelle had this to say when we grilled her on how her diapers are created:86717f_df1d504302a54d038ac6ae0b5e332f15.jpg_srz_p_400_259_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz

“It’s important to have the assurance that the fabric and materials we use is produced safely, ethically, and maintains the highest quality. For this reason we have hand-chosen our fabric supplier. We work with an American company who supplies designers and manufacturers across North America. Our supplier owns a small ISO-9000 certified factory in China where they produce the bamboo and bamboo/organic cotton blended fabric used in our bamboo diapers.

We chose this supplier for a few very important reasons: the owners themselves maintain a presence in their factory a minimum of 8 months of the year. The bamboo and cotton yarns they use are certified organic. All of their fabrics have passed class 1 flammable testing and have certification for OEKO testing for harmful chemicals and have passed all lead testing by INTERTEX according to CPSIA. Because they import the majority of the fabric they produce into the US, this testing is up-to-date and fully compliant. Also, we enjoy the ease of working directly with the owners themselves, who understand our high standards. We are really proud to be working with them!”

We want the WHOLE world to cloth diaper, so we’re striving to keep our products SIMPLE. MODERN. GREEN!”

Those are the kind of company values that mesh with our own here at Cloth Diaper Kids and these are the kinds of businesses we want to support.  Even the Nuggles! packaging is minimalistic, SONY DSClocally designed and printed using 100% recyclable materials and plant-based, bio mass inks.

But enough about the nitty gritty.  All of our diapers are ethical choices.  That’s nothing new when you shop with us.  What makes the diapers themselves special?  Well for starters, look at these gussets.  No other diapers on the market have gussets like these.  Great for keeping messes where they’re meant to be.  And the inner bamboo fabric, well that’s super soft.  It’s kind of a plushy, velvety feeling fabric that doesn’t go stiff after lots of washes.  Fit?  Well it was 1602020_273822929440515_71572410_onice and trim on our little man when we tested it ourselves and he’s a skinny minnie.  But, look at this photo (to the left).  It shows how well they fit even really chunky thighs 🙂

Plus look at all those rise snaps.  5 different rise adjustment settings.  Count ’em…there’s really 5.  Lots more than the standard 3 rise setting options seen on most typical one size snap down diapers.  That’s a ton of ways to get a perfect fit.  There’s even crossover snaps on the front for tiny newbornSONY DSC babies who are super skinny.

Want even more options in one diaper?  How about this?  Nuggles!  Can be used as an all-in-two (AI2), or an all-in-one (AIO) or a pocket style diaper.  Say what?  Yep.  You can snap the insert in and leave it like that and never take it off even for washing making it an AIO.  Or you can forget about snapping it all together and just lay the insert on top like an AI2.  Or if you want to, stuff the insert into the pocket opening and it’ll agitate itself out in the wash.  Genius!  And fool-proof for when Dad forgets to pull the liner out of the pocket or when a super poopy diaper makes you not want to pull any insert out of anywhere 😉

But wait.  Baby can’t handle bamboo against the skin?  No problem, they’ve got a snap in stay-dry liner for that.  See?  I told you, they’ve thought of everything.

So, have a look at the adorable colors and prints we’ve got in stock now including the stunning Nordica Collection and consider adding a Nuggles! Simplee Bamboo to your cloth diaper collection today.  (As an added incentive, enjoy 10% off with coupon code: TRYME)






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Black Friday 2014 – Sales are Live Now!

Lots of super sales happening now through Cyber Monday at Cloth Diaper Kids:

Get in on the action while supplies last.