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Creative Cloth Diaper Storage Solutions

What’s the best way to store your fluffy cloth diapers for both style and function?  Here’s a couple of fresh ideas for you.

Simply in a drawer








I don’t know about you, but I like simplicity.  This is how many moms store their cloth diapers and this is how we have stored ours for over 5 years through 3 babies.  Cloth diapers always get the top drawer in our house.  Clothes and other necessities are always farther down 😉

The toy bin






There’s lot of different styles and options here, but this one in particular tends to be popular.  Re-moveable, interchangeable bins on this toy rack make for easy moving, coordinating and sorting of diapers, inserts and accessories.

Free standing shelving units







IKEA can really be your friend here.  I bet you can find a shelving unit to fit almost any space or design theme.  Re-purpose a tall and skinny media shelf for diapers.  The width of DVDs is perfect to accommodate diapers and look now many diapers you can get into a really small amount of space.  Great for small nurseries, apartments or even multiple babies in cloth.  The cube shelves are also a hit.  Stack diapers any which way or add baskets into the cubbies for easy sorting and portability to and from the laundry room.

Portable units








Anything on wheels can be super functional, especially if you find yourself changing diapers all over the house rather than in just one spot.  A caddy on wheels can also be a good small support station for main floor diaper changes even if your major change location is upstairs in the nursery.  *Remember this is more helpful if you have hardwood or laminate floors.  It won’t work as well on carpet 😉









Move over books, Moms don’t have a lot of time to read you anyways!  Use those bookends for something more functional.  Cloth diapers look so pretty arranged like this don’t you think?  Bonus is most people have bookshelves already, no need to go buy something new.

Custom wall shelving units
















If you’ve got a handy Daddy in the house, this solution just might be right for you.  A great way to use vertical space and prevent lots of bending, on wall storage units can be done in all different configurations of open shelves and hanging hooks or closed with cupboard type doors for a neat and tidy appearance (even if the inside is messy).

Over the door shoe hangers and hanging canvas closet organizers

















Normally for shoes, but definitely multipurpose here and great for cloth diapers.  They save space, hang anywhere and are inexpensive.  They also don’t take up any floor space.









No closet?  No problem.  Clothing and diaper storage in one!  With or without doors an armoir can multi-task like no other.

Bins and ottomans








Easily portable, and stackable, bins, totes and ottomans make diapering simple.  Bonus if you use an ottoman is extra seating and a tidy appearance when the lid is down.  Just make sure you get one with a child safe lid so it doesn’t slam down on little fingers.

Done with babies?

And how should you store those diapers between babies you ask?  Your best options are vacuum sealing or simply put them in an empty drawer in a spare room or in a pillow case in your linen closet.  Just keep them away from extreme temperatures and overly dry or moist conditions (no attics, garages, outside storage sheds etc.) and they’ll be ready to go again when you are 😉

Do you have a creative diaper storage suggestion?  Leave your comments below!

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1st Annual Baby Crawl Competition – Registration Now Open

Let’s kick this summer up a notch with a fun and informative event.  Announcing the 1st Annual Cloth Diaper Kids Baby Crawl Competition!

Where: Grande Prairie Mall (Grande Prairie, Alberta)

When: Saturday, June 6, 2015 beginning at 10AM

If you or someone you know has a crawling baby, this event is for you.  It’ll be tons of fun, there will be lots of prizes and a kiosk of all of our cloth diapering products too.
*Babies do not need to be cloth diapered to compete of course – but bonus points if they are!

Full competition details and registration form is available HERE.

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20 Uses for a Wet Bag

Wet bags aren’t just for diapers!  Large and small wet bags can serve a variety of very useful purposes for the whole family.  They can be great for:

  1. Wet swimsuits at the pool or the beach.
  2. Mama cloth (cloth menstrual pads).
  3. Makeup, hairspray and gel in your suitcase to protect your clothes against leaks.
  4. Snapping on onto your cabinet or stove handle to collect dirty dish cloths and towels.
  5. Leaky sippy cups and bottles.
  6. Extra set of clothes in case of potty accidents at daycare, Grandmas, pre-school or sleepovers.
  7. Re-useable garbage sacs in the car.
  8. Breastfeeding parts for pumping moms.
  9. Holding pre-moistened cloth wipes when you’re on the go.
  10. Activity sacs full of fun stuff for each child on long car rides.
  11. Pretty gift bag if you’re taking a shower gift or new baby present to a cloth diapering mama.
  12. Lego pieces, puzzle pieces, marbles, chess pieces or other small toys that are part of a set to keep them together.
  13. Dry dog or cat food if you’re traveling with your pets.
  14. Keeping passports dry when traveling.
  15. Coloring/art supplies/stamps/toys to occupy kids at a restaurant.
  16. Big pencil case – perfect for watercolor painting supplies or those big fat markers.
  17. Bingo dabbers for Grandma
  18. First aid kit/epi pen holder to stash in the car, or have handy on outings to the park etc.
  19. Vomit bag in the car for motion sick kids or newly pregnant mamas.
  20. Sweaty clothes after a workout – especially hot yoga.

And more…

What do you use your wet bags for?


WARNING: Cloth Diapers are Addictive

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You sat newly pregnant in my Cloth Diapering 101 class.

You laughed at me when I told you not to try a Blueberry Simplex diaper unless you were prepared to love them so much that you’d want 40 when you only needed 20. You ignored me when I told you that once you had one TotsBots print you’d want one of each to complete the set. And you scoffed at me when I told you that some Applecheeks diapers are worth hundreds of dollars on the used market.

“Phft that’s ridiculous” you snickered to your friend as you left my seminar. “I’m only buying that 12 pack starter package they have on sale. I want to cloth diaper because I’m frugal after all” you promised. And you didn’t give my comments another thought.

Well now it’s 2 years later. You’ve successfully cloth diapered a baby who turned into a toddler. You started out with just that 12 pack starter package and it was perfectly fine. But curiosity got the better of you and you preferred not to do laundry every day anyway, so it didn’t hurt to get a couple more diapers in different styles just for the sake of variety.

“Woo hoo” you thought. “These cloth diapers are pretty awesome”. Your baby never had poopy blow-outs and that fluffy bum looked so gosh-darn cute. Plus look at all the money you saved. This justifies buying a couple more diapers to complete that storybook set of prints you really liked. After all, if you had the Humpty Dumpty diaper didn’t you need Incy Wincy Spider too? These are classic childhood rhymes after all.

Your husband turned a blind eye to your hoarding.

You found yourself pregnant with baby #2 wondering what it would be like to cloth diaper a newborn. So you started collecting a newborn diaper stash as soon as the stick tuned positive. Meanwhile your toddler became a heavy wetter and started sleeping through the night. A perfect opportunity to try those super absorbent fitted diapers that are great for nighttime. Maybe you even tried a wool cover.

Your friends rolled their eyes that your obsession was no longer a money saving venture.Superman

“It didn’t matter” you thought. “It wasn’t all about they money” you said. “It’s healthier for baby of course”. And now you sit, reading this, wondering how you got in so deep, trying really hard not to click the ‘BUY’ button next to that super cute Superman diaper with the detachable cape on the bum. “Tomorrow I’m going to sell off some of my diapers at that community swap meet” you think to yourself. “And then I’m going to yell at that woman who owns the diaper store for getting me hooked on these soft and fluffy diapers”.

“But I warned you”, I’ll say as you buy the new Elephant print. I really, really did.

You’ll wink at me and chuckle, “At least I’m still saving the environment right?”

That you are Mama, that you are.