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Wet Bag Size Comparisons

Here’s a quick visual of our different wet bag sizes to help you choose which size you need for your stash!

A) FuzziBunz Wet Bag – The smallest of the full size wet bag options, the FuzziBunz Mess Free Hanging Wet Bag has some nifty features.  Handles at the top for hanging off a doorknob and a zipper at the bottom for easy emptying make it simple to use.  It has an open top, but not to worry, smells are not an issue with this bag.  Fitting aprox. 12-20 diapers it’s the perfect size for those who like to wash every day and a half or two.  Not the best choice for lining a traditional diaper pail as it’s meant to hang, but could be used to line a smaller trash can or other container if you choose.

B) Kanga Care Pail Liner – Our largest wet bag by far.  Suitable for lining a traditional diaper pail or the 3-D ‘barrel’ design will allow it to stand alone.  Easily fits 2-3 days worth of diapers.  Drawstring closure fits any pail size, just cinch the drawstring down with the toggle for a snug and exact fit.  Adding to the thoughtful design is a cuff at the top of the liner so when you use it in a pail you will see the fun print or color folded over the top!  This bag is too large for traveling and has no handles but could do double duty as a sleeping bag holder or child/adult laundry bag once the babies are out of diapers.


C) Bummis Large Fabulous Wet Bag – Also an excellent choice for a large in-nursery diaper bag, the Bummis Fabulous Wet Bag in size large is a generous size as well.  Although not quite as large as the Kanga Care Pail Liner, it is wider and also lines a traditional diaper pail very nicely or it has draw strings at the top so it can be hung from any doorknob or change table so it doesn’t take up floor space.  To top it off it is equipped with a zipper closure as well making it very functional in many different ways.

D) Kanga Care Wet Bag – A good mid-size bag.  Featuring a 3-D half-moon design, zippered opening and a top handle with a snap.  Fits 10-15 diapers.  Suitable as a nursery room wet bag for those who wash every day or as an all day outing wet bag if you’re headed out on the town with more than one kid in cloth or is an excellent option for wet clothes after swimming for children or adults.  Perfect for keeping the essentials dry at the beach or splash park so you don’t have to tote around your purse and of course it’s durable and waterproof and washable.

E) Small Wet Bag – This is the size of your typical travel wet bag that you would have in your diaper bag or hung on your stroller or stashed in your car.  Many different brands offer a wet bag of this size: Applecheeks, Thirsties, Sweet Pea, Bummis and bumGenius to name a few. 2692-lowres

And for something a little different in the mid-range size category, Blueberry has some amazing totes with wet/dry capabilities.  Featuring an top zippered pocket for the wet/dirty diapers and a side zippered pocket for dry dipes, it looks and functions like a fashion accessory, but is totally washable and functional too.  Fits up to 8 diapers and has a soft cotton exterior lined on the inside with waterproof fabric.