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All About Blueberry Simplex Cloth Diapers – Features & Review

Have you ever considered adding a Blueberry Simplex cloth diaper to your stash?  Wondering if that higher price tag is really worth it and what’s so great about them anyway?  Let’s explore the features of the Simplex so you will know whether it’s right for you.

First let us say that there are two kinds of Blueberry Simplex diapers.  The Newborn Simplex (6-16lbs) and the One Size Simplex (12-35lbs).

Newborn Blueberry Simplex
The Newborn Simplex is by far our most popular and best selling newborn diaper for a reason.  A tongue style all-in-one, it goes on easily, washes well and dries fast. 8200-S-peri  Complete with umbilical cord snap down it fits tiny babies very well.  It features cotton on the inside and natural fabrics against the bum are an excellent choice when it comes to newborns.  Why?  Because it absorbs very quickly preventing leaks.  Since newborns are often on their backs, sometimes they can’t pee with enough force to make it through a synthetic stay-dry layer like micro-suede or fleece.  The Simplex prevents that problem with the natural cotton interior. The Newborn Simplex also tends to fit babies for longer as far as newborn diapers go.  This means you can get more bang for your buck so to speak and your baby will be able to wear them longer for the investment you put in.  We often have clients that can wear these diapers for up to 3months or more where other newborn diapers will top out around baby’s 8th week (roughly 10lbs).  Certainly the highlight of all the newborn diapers we carry, you will be very pleased to have at least a few of these in your collection.  They are perfect for days out on the town and newborn photo shoots too.  Browse them all here.

But, who should not consider a Newborn Blueberry Simplex?  If you have a history of big babies 10lbs or over, then just jump right to one size diapers.  Or only get a few newborn diapers for photo shoots.  Micro-preemies will also not benefit from these diapers until they are bigger.  Preemie prefolds or LilJoeys are a better option in this circumstance.

One Size Blueberry Simplex
First of all, Blueberry’s products get a thumbs up and gold star for being a mom-invented product, a mom-run company and a high quality diaper made domestically right in the USA.  Right there are three fantastic reasons to choose this brand in general.  But feature wise there’s a lot of reasons to add a One Size Blueberry Simplex to your diaper stash.  Personally, I’m non committal with whether I prefer natural fabric on my kids’ bums or whether I like a stay dry layer.  This diaper calms my bi-polar mania.  A tongue style all-in-one, it is almost identical to it’s tiny Newborn Simplex twin – BUT, one panel of the cotton insert is stay-dry fleece.  So, since the insert is free on one end and attached at the other, you can have cotton on the bum if you stuff the insert in the pocket, or you can have stay-dry fleece on the bum if you simply lay the insert on top.  Two options in one diaper and you can change your mind on a whim.  Here’s a video so you can see what I mean:

Now what else is different about this diaper?  Well it’s called a ‘one size’.  Most one size diapers say they fit from 7 or 8lbs until potty learning.  In reality your average one size diaper begins to fit a baby well around 10lbs regardless of what the tag says.  With Blueberry however, the one size Simplex won’t begin fitting until a full 12lbs.  That’s a big baby right?  Yes it is.  Blueberry One Size Simplex won’t begin to fit your little until about 3 months of age. Why?  Because they want you to buy the Newborn Simplex first of course lol.  So really in all seriousness, this diaper is a great option if you are starting to cloth diaper an older baby.  If you’re intent on beginning with a newborn, look for other options to fill that newborn-3month gap or invest in the Newborn Simplex to start cloth diapering straight from the hospital.  925541_1438549829746435_1942357903_n

Let’s take a minute now to talk poop containment.  See how the legs are sewn on a Blueberry Simplex?  They are turned, but not top-stitched if you want to use the seamstress lingo, so the material lays like this against the leg (see pic on the side).  Hello containment!  This design holds in the messes second only to double gussets such as those found on Rumparooz and Nuggles. Nothing gets by the Simplex, not even the runny stuff.  Seriously, test it out, they’re bullet proof.

The One Size Blueberry Simplex is also trim fitting and fast to dry with a snap down rise for easy size adjustment and snap closures to keep it on your little tyke.  Snaps by the way are better than velcro in my opinion.  Way harder for baby to rip off than velcro if you have a baby who’d rather be a nudist.  The snap down rise is easy to adjust.  Just set it and leave it.  It stays snapped to the setting where you put it even in the wash, so no re-snapping each time you use it.  But yet easy to change on the fly if you’re using the same set of diapers for a smaller baby and a toddler simultaneously (think less packing for the diaper bag with two kids).

8899-monkeys_flat72dpiAnd fit?  Here’s one of my favorite features.  Blueberry prides themselves on having one of the most anatomically-correct diapers available on the market. No sagging, bunching or stuff sticking out. It’s narrow through the crotch.  Great for movers, crawlers and toddlers with quick little legs for less chaffing potential.  And come on tell me that Blueberry does not have some of the best prints in the entire cloth diaper industry.  So cute.  Why wouldn’t you want to color coordinate an outfit with any of these beauties.  Check them all out here.

Aside from the awesome diaper though, Margarita, founder of Blueberry Diapers and mom of four is one impressive lady.  A self proclaimed ‘leading expert in pee-and-poop management’ she has a sense of humor but also a passion for ethical business practices.  Margarita takes seriously the responsibility of making sure Blueberry Diapers are 100% safe for babies. They source their fabrics from the USA whenever possible, use latex-free elastics and ensure all materials are free from any contaminants – guaranteed to be free from lead, pthalates and BPA.  People are on their radar too.  Blueberry offers 100% coverage for all full time employees, and nobody works more than 40 hours a week.  No Chinese sweat shops making these diapers, you can count on that. Practices like these create jobs, ensure the welfare of others and contribute to thriving communities.

All these reasons are why we personally use and love Blueberry Simplex diapers and why we carry them here at Cloth Diaper Kids.  We love them and we’re confident you will too.



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Hello Thirsties – You’ve Sure Improved Yourself

Drumroll please…

I don’t hear you drumming.  You really need to be drumming for this.  It’s that good.  I don’t spend my time writing blog posts for nothing.  I have kids you know and I can only stay locked in a closet for so long before they find me 😉

Kidding aside, get it ‘kid’ – Bah!

Okay really. On to the diapers.

The NEW Thirsties One Size All In One is here and it’s FABULOUS!  Like, I actually am keeping it in my regular diaper rotation voluntarily after it’s testing phase it’s so good.  And as a retailer that lives and breathes diapers everyday I am SUPER PICKY about what wins rights to be in my regular stash.thirsties-one-size-all-in-one-h&l-whale-tail

So, yes you heard right.  The Thirsties All In One (AIO) is now a one size!  It used to be a sized diaper – you know like a size 1 (6-18lbs) and then sizing up to a size 2 (18-40lbs).  BUT it’s now a ONE SIZE diaper with snap down rise settings (8-40lbs).  Plus, they’ve re-designed it so boys on the largest settings can no longer pee over the insert causing a leak.  This diaper is now as leakproof as they come.

Featuring a waterproof PUL outer in some truly adorable prints, and a microfiber insert topped with soft wicking fleece sewn in at one end, this economical diaper comes in at just $20.  That’s right $20.  Very affordable as far as AIOs go.  Usually AIOs are at the top end of the dollar chart especially if they are North American made (and Thirsties are made right in the USA).  So you’re really getting some bang for your buck.  And I should take a minute to mention that the hook & loop (velcro) closures on this puppy are solid.  Like really good quality, toddler can’t rip them off quality and they will stand thirsties-one-size-all-in-one-features_700x230the test of many washes (unlike some other brands I won’t name).

An excellent daycare, babysitter, grandparent and daddy diaper, they are easy to use and surprisingly quick to dry.  If you haven’t tried one yet, you really need to.  Thirsties has gone the extra mile on these and they are certainly worth their modest price-tag.

Have a look at all the gorgeous colors and prints right here.

Then leave me a comment if you’ve tried it or want to try it out in your own stash 🙂


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Will All-In-Two (AI2) Work For You?

All-In-Two (AI2) diapers are all the rage.  The ability to re-use the waterproof cover while just switching out the absorbent inner during diaper changes seems so easy and practical.  In theory it should cut down on laundry, be cheaper since you need fewer covers and reduce what you need to carry in the diaper bag for changes on the run.  But does the AI2 really perform that way in reality?  Will it work for you and your baby?  Let’s see shall we?…

As you may know, newborns pee A LOT and when they have a #2 explosion it can be pretty fantastic too.  During this time when babies are small (roughly 0-6months) when bowel movements are frequent and very soft, you may find that the cover of your AI2 gets soiled along with the insert and cannot be re-used as much as you would like.  There goes your convenience factor if you were hoping to re-use the cover.  You many find yourself washing both the cover and the insert at more changes than you would like, leading to the necessity of having more covers on hand than you planned on.  The upside though?  If you need a cover in a hurry or if it’s just slightly soiled, you can wipe it clean or wash by hand and they dry very quickly if you don’t have time to wait for it to go through the wash.  Also, many babies this age (especially those who are exclusively breastfed) can go a number of days between bowel movements.  If this is the case for you bundle of joy, then the AI2 may work well for you.

Where you really start to see the benefits of an AI2 system is on older babies.  Once babies are comfortably on solids and bowel movements are more solid (like yours and mine) it becomes much for feasible to re-use the cover and just put in a clean insert during diaper changes.  Fewer explosions mean more contained messes that lend well to this type of system.

So, in conclusion.  Are AI2 systems great?  Yes.  Will you always be able to re-use the cover for 3 diaper changes?  No.  Keep that in mind and you’ll enjoy your AI2 diapers as much as we do.

Which AI2 is our favorite?  We love using Applecheeks as an AI2 (we find it easier than stuffing the pocket) and the new Bummis Deluxe Duo Brite are both excellent options.

duo-brite featuresCuter_Than_Applecheeks

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Review: Bummis Duo-Brite AI2 Deluxe Pack

Bummis has done it again.  They have to quit doing this!  Just when I think nothing new can possibly come to the world of diapers, they come out with stuff that is awesome quality and completely innovative.dbp-elephant-tales-png-800pxcp1

I really, really wanted to not like their new all-in-two, the Duo-Brite.  I’m an all in one-in-one diaper type of gal since I don’t really like messing around with two pieces.  But, I’ll have to eat my words I suppose.

The Duo-Brite AI2 comes in two sizes (size 1: 8-20lbs and size 2: 20-35lbs.).  Our baby is 19lbs and I know from lots of cloth diapering experience that his body type would be suited to the size 2 since he’s on the edge of the weight range, but I chose the size 1 just to be cheeky.

At first the cover fit a bit wonky because he’s almost too big for size 1 and it seemed a little bunchy in the front until I figured out which snap setting was going to work the best.  It still isn’t my absolute favorite from a cover fit point of view, but it’s perfectly fine and functional.  What makes this diaper amazing though is the snap-in insert.  There is a hidden snap in the front to afix the insert and I love that you can choose to put the insert in so the stay-dry side is up on baby’s bum or so the cotton is on the bum.  Plus, it’s quite trim.  I thought for sure that it was too thin to work for very long and I was expecting a leak in about an hour, but it held up just fine for 3 hours and performed the same as any of my other go-to diapers.  That double gusset even contained a messy #2, so no complaints here.

The design of the insert is also pretty cool (see video).  The open sides and stitching down the middle make for easy and complete washing with a fast dry time.  Bonus points for the fact that it’s all natural fabrics with no microfiber at all meaning that it’ll be less prone to hold stinks and ammonia smells too.duo-brite features

And if innovation on this insert was all that was great, we could well end there, but I have to give a shout out to the ladies behind Bummis.  This is a Canadian company doing business in the diaper industry for well over 25 years now.  They excel in customer service, care about the products they put out and have a real commitment to ethics, safety and sustainability.  The Bummis Duo-Brite is made in Canada with fabrics that are made in the USA.  That is quite a feat in this day and age.  Seriously.  No outsourcing here and I think that more than justifies the price tag.  Well done Bummis, well done.

So, while I still prefer my all-in-ones as the first thing I grab for a diaper change, this diaper has taken up residence in my diaper bag for quick changes on the go.  It has earned a place in my permanent stash and that says a lot for me.  Diapers don’t get to stick around my house if I don’t like them.

Cue the video!  Check out the video in the product description at the bottom of this page.