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Point the Penis Where? Tips for Cloth Diapering Boys

Is cloth diapering different for boys as opposed to girls?  Well, yes it can be.  Here’s some tips to keep little boys happy and dry.

Point it down!
This is the best piece of advise I can give you if you’re diapering a boy.  Make sure, at every change that you gently point the penis down between the legs.  This will help keep the majority of pee hitting the diaper where it’s most absorbent (in the middle of the crotch).  Point it to one side and you’ll get leaks out the legs; point it up and pee will flow up the tummy, over the hip and out the back making a wardrobe change necessary along with a diaper change.

More absorbency in front
This one can seem pretty obvious, but it’s often overlooked.  Add absorbency where it’s needed which is up front for boys.  When you add an extra insert or booster, don’t center it.  If you’re using prefolds that are a bit on the big side and need to be folded down to size, fold down the front, not the back for extra protection.  Extra absorbency concentrated at the front is especially useful for older boys who like to sleep on their tummies.  This trick can help prevent those nap time tummy leaks.

Keep the rise up
In addition to more absorbency in front, preventing leaks for boys goes hand in hand with proper rise.  Rise is how far up baby’s waist the diaper sits.  Say no to Plumber’s Crack and a droopy fit.  If you’re getting leaks, it might be time to size up to a larger size diaper or adjust your one size diapers to a larger setting.  The rise of the diaper should fit level with baby’s belly button providing full coverage over the bum.

Prepare for the torrent
So it seems from experience that some little boys like to pee a lot very quickly all at once.  This catches some diapers off guard, especially synthetic fabrics like fleece or minky that appreciate some compression before they start to absorb.  This is most often a problem we see with newborns and small babies who spend lots of time on their backs.  Baby pees lots at once and it all goes down and leaks up the back without ever absorbing where it should have.  Solution?  Natural fabrics.  Natural fabrics absorb instantly without a need for compression.  Contact with pee is all they need.  So, consider diapers with natural fabrics inside or simply lay a booster made with natural fabrics or even a soft cotton washcloth on top of any synthetic fabric diaper and presto, problem solved.

There you go, easy tips for a happy and dry little boy.

Owner, Cloth Diaper

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