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Will All-In-Two (AI2) Work For You?

All-In-Two (AI2) diapers are all the rage.  The ability to re-use the waterproof cover while just switching out the absorbent inner during diaper changes seems so easy and practical.  In theory it should cut down on laundry, be cheaper since you need fewer covers and reduce what you need to carry in the diaper bag for changes on the run.  But does the AI2 really perform that way in reality?  Will it work for you and your baby?  Let’s see shall we?…

As you may know, newborns pee A LOT and when they have a #2 explosion it can be pretty fantastic too.  During this time when babies are small (roughly 0-6months) when bowel movements are frequent and very soft, you may find that the cover of your AI2 gets soiled along with the insert and cannot be re-used as much as you would like.  There goes your convenience factor if you were hoping to re-use the cover.  You many find yourself washing both the cover and the insert at more changes than you would like, leading to the necessity of having more covers on hand than you planned on.  The upside though?  If you need a cover in a hurry or if it’s just slightly soiled, you can wipe it clean or wash by hand and they dry very quickly if you don’t have time to wait for it to go through the wash.  Also, many babies this age (especially those who are exclusively breastfed) can go a number of days between bowel movements.  If this is the case for you bundle of joy, then the AI2 may work well for you.

Where you really start to see the benefits of an AI2 system is on older babies.  Once babies are comfortably on solids and bowel movements are more solid (like yours and mine) it becomes much for feasible to re-use the cover and just put in a clean insert during diaper changes.  Fewer explosions mean more contained messes that lend well to this type of system.

So, in conclusion.  Are AI2 systems great?  Yes.  Will you always be able to re-use the cover for 3 diaper changes?  No.  Keep that in mind and you’ll enjoy your AI2 diapers as much as we do.

Which AI2 is our favorite?  We love using Applecheeks as an AI2 (we find it easier than stuffing the pocket) and the new Bummis Deluxe Duo Brite are both excellent options.

duo-brite featuresCuter_Than_Applecheeks


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Review: Bummis Duo-Brite AI2 Deluxe Pack

Bummis has done it again.  They have to quit doing this!  Just when I think nothing new can possibly come to the world of diapers, they come out with stuff that is awesome quality and completely innovative.dbp-elephant-tales-png-800pxcp1

I really, really wanted to not like their new all-in-two, the Duo-Brite.  I’m an all in one-in-one diaper type of gal since I don’t really like messing around with two pieces.  But, I’ll have to eat my words I suppose.

The Duo-Brite AI2 comes in two sizes (size 1: 8-20lbs and size 2: 20-35lbs.).  Our baby is 19lbs and I know from lots of cloth diapering experience that his body type would be suited to the size 2 since he’s on the edge of the weight range, but I chose the size 1 just to be cheeky.

At first the cover fit a bit wonky because he’s almost too big for size 1 and it seemed a little bunchy in the front until I figured out which snap setting was going to work the best.  It still isn’t my absolute favorite from a cover fit point of view, but it’s perfectly fine and functional.  What makes this diaper amazing though is the snap-in insert.  There is a hidden snap in the front to afix the insert and I love that you can choose to put the insert in so the stay-dry side is up on baby’s bum or so the cotton is on the bum.  Plus, it’s quite trim.  I thought for sure that it was too thin to work for very long and I was expecting a leak in about an hour, but it held up just fine for 3 hours and performed the same as any of my other go-to diapers.  That double gusset even contained a messy #2, so no complaints here.

The design of the insert is also pretty cool (see video).  The open sides and stitching down the middle make for easy and complete washing with a fast dry time.  Bonus points for the fact that it’s all natural fabrics with no microfiber at all meaning that it’ll be less prone to hold stinks and ammonia smells too.duo-brite features

And if innovation on this insert was all that was great, we could well end there, but I have to give a shout out to the ladies behind Bummis.  This is a Canadian company doing business in the diaper industry for well over 25 years now.  They excel in customer service, care about the products they put out and have a real commitment to ethics, safety and sustainability.  The Bummis Duo-Brite is made in Canada with fabrics that are made in the USA.  That is quite a feat in this day and age.  Seriously.  No outsourcing here and I think that more than justifies the price tag.  Well done Bummis, well done.

So, while I still prefer my all-in-ones as the first thing I grab for a diaper change, this diaper has taken up residence in my diaper bag for quick changes on the go.  It has earned a place in my permanent stash and that says a lot for me.  Diapers don’t get to stick around my house if I don’t like them.

Cue the video!  Check out the video in the product description at the bottom of this page.