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Funky Fluff Bought By Bummis Cloth Diapers

Huge news in the cloth diapering world of fluff.  Bummis has just bought out Funky Fluff.  What?  I know.  Crazy.  But it’s all going to be good.  Here’s the 411 from the announcement made by Funky Fluff:

Our dearest Funky Fluff Fans,

First off, we would like to extend our gratitude for your loyalty and patience over the past few months. We know you’ve been wondering what is happening behind the scenes at Funky Fluff.

We have such big dreams for Funky Fluff, and sometimes, to achieve those dreams you need to find your Fluffy Godmother. Who better to make our dreams come true than Canada’s longest standing and biggest cloth diaper brand?

We are thrilled to announce that we are joining forces with Bummis, one of the North American leaders in the cloth diapering industry. The new alliance with a company who shares our passion for cloth diapering will bring the Funky Fluff brand of products to more parents around the world.

We believe that by coming under the umbrella of a bigger organization with accessible resources and capabilities, we will be better equipped to spread the message about cloth diapering to a broader audience and together we will be able to offer a wide variety of options to fit each families unique needs.
Funky Fluff will become wholly owned by Bummis and continue to manufacture products overseas. Bummis’ production will remain in North America. Each brand will continue to function under their current brand name.

We have some fun plans to help feed your Funky Fluff addiction until we can finally bring you new prints and colours. There will be giveaways. There will be some FAN CHOICES in the new line up. There will be more AWJ!

Now, we know this leaves ya’ll with a million questions, so here’s all the answers…

Why did Bummis buy Funky Fluff?
Both Bummis and Funky Fluff have the same mission of offering modern, easy to use and ethically made cloth diapering products to fit each families unique needs. Folding Funky Fluff under the Bummis umbrella will allow the Company to offer a broader range of products to parents. On the other hand, the alliance will allow Funky Fluff products to expand production capabilities and meet the demand of the market, something the company has been working on for some time.  It’s a win win arrangement for both brands.

Will the two companies operate under one brand?
No.  Although Funky Fluff will become wholly owned by Bummis, it will continue to make products under the Funky Fluff brand name. Bummis will continue to manufacture products under the Bummis name.

Where will Funky Fluff products be manufactured?
Funky Fluff will continue to be manufactured overseas in China at this time. Bummis products will continue to be made in Canada.

Will the full line of Funky Fluff products continue to be available?

Bamboo and Athletic Wicking Jersey diapers will continue to be available. Athletic Wicking Jersey proved to be very successful and highly sought after by customers, therefore, Funky Fluff’s Stay Dry diapers will retire and will be replaced by Athletic Wicking Jersey as the stay dry option.

Funky Fluff flushable liners will be available for some time, however, once inventory is depleted, Bummis will continue to offer the current flushable liner product offering and discontinue Funky Fluff flushable liners in the future.

All other products will continue to be available and will be evaluated according to customer demand. We have plans to add new products to the Funky Fluff product line along with new colors and prints!

Will the current Funky Fluff colours and prints remain as part of the line up?
Funky Fluff fans will have an opportunity to choose 4 solid colours from the current AND retired line up that they would like to see return as part of the 2017 solid colour collection. All current Funky Fluff prints will retire and fans will decide on 1 brand new print to be added to the line-up. There will be more but the rest of the solids and prints will be a surprise!

What support can we expect going forward?
Customers can expect to receive the same quality support as they’re used to from Funky Fluff. All contact information (email, social media) remains the same. Kathy & Tricia will continue to be around and available for an extended period of time to help support the transition and continue to help the business grow.

Will there be changes to Funky Fluff product warranty?
No, Funky Fluff product warranty remains the same.

When will more Funky Fluff product be available with Retailers?
In approximately late January 2017 you will see new colors, new prints and some new Funky Fluff products hit the shelves here at Cloth Diaper Kids.  Stay tuned.





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Welcome Bummis AIO

unspecifiedWhat takes 30 years to make, is manufactured in Canada and takes the cloth diapering world by storm?  The new Bummis AIO Organic One Size cloth diaper!  That’s right, you heard me.  This is the first time in the 30+ year history of Bummis that they have ever created an AIO cloth diaper?  You may think that’s not a big deal, but you’d be wrong.  If you know Bummis, you know they don’t put out a product unless it’ll rock your socks off.  They’ve avoided making an AIO for many many years because they only wanted to make it if it was done perfectly.  So you’ve got to bet that with all that experience they’ve done it well and they’ve done it right.

It’s trim, it washes up super easily; dries uber fast.  It comes with a large pocket to add absorbency where and if you need it and it’s soft and pliable for a comfortable and breathable fit on your tender baby.  But I’ll stop talking now and just show you it’s awesome-ness in the fancy pics below.  Fresh off the sewing machine in trendy new prints and in stock to ship now at Cloth Diaper


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Will All-In-Two (AI2) Work For You?

All-In-Two (AI2) diapers are all the rage.  The ability to re-use the waterproof cover while just switching out the absorbent inner during diaper changes seems so easy and practical.  In theory it should cut down on laundry, be cheaper since you need fewer covers and reduce what you need to carry in the diaper bag for changes on the run.  But does the AI2 really perform that way in reality?  Will it work for you and your baby?  Let’s see shall we?…

As you may know, newborns pee A LOT and when they have a #2 explosion it can be pretty fantastic too.  During this time when babies are small (roughly 0-6months) when bowel movements are frequent and very soft, you may find that the cover of your AI2 gets soiled along with the insert and cannot be re-used as much as you would like.  There goes your convenience factor if you were hoping to re-use the cover.  You many find yourself washing both the cover and the insert at more changes than you would like, leading to the necessity of having more covers on hand than you planned on.  The upside though?  If you need a cover in a hurry or if it’s just slightly soiled, you can wipe it clean or wash by hand and they dry very quickly if you don’t have time to wait for it to go through the wash.  Also, many babies this age (especially those who are exclusively breastfed) can go a number of days between bowel movements.  If this is the case for you bundle of joy, then the AI2 may work well for you.

Where you really start to see the benefits of an AI2 system is on older babies.  Once babies are comfortably on solids and bowel movements are more solid (like yours and mine) it becomes much for feasible to re-use the cover and just put in a clean insert during diaper changes.  Fewer explosions mean more contained messes that lend well to this type of system.

So, in conclusion.  Are AI2 systems great?  Yes.  Will you always be able to re-use the cover for 3 diaper changes?  No.  Keep that in mind and you’ll enjoy your AI2 diapers as much as we do.

Which AI2 is our favorite?  We love using Applecheeks as an AI2 (we find it easier than stuffing the pocket) and the new Bummis Deluxe Duo Brite are both excellent options.

duo-brite featuresCuter_Than_Applecheeks

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Do I Need to Pre-Wash My New Cloth Diapers?

Synthetic Fabrics
Yes. If you have purchased diapers with synthetic fabrics, you need only pre-wash once to remove shipping dust etc. before using them on your baby.  Synthetic fabrics include PUL, TPU, microfiber, fleece, nylon, athletic wicking fabrics, suede cloth, minky and/or zorb.

Natural Fabrics – Bamboo
If you have purchased diapers that are made in any part with bamboo or come with bamboo liners, you can get away with just one initial wash before use (I’m lazy), but be aware that bamboo becomes more absorbent over time and with multiple washings. So if you are getting leaks, keep in mind that your bamboo may need more washings before reaching maximum absorbency (between 3-10 washings).  If you want to play it safe, then pre-wash bamboo fabrics 3-5 times before use.

Natural Fabrics – Cotton Prefolds, hemp, etc.
For organic cotton, most often used in prefold type diapers like the Bummis prefolds, you will need to do 3-5 pre-washes in hot water before they are ready for use. Since natural fabrics are not bleached you will need to do the pre-washes to flush out all the natural oils that would affect proper absorbency if used right away.

Pre-washing your diapers also helps to bulk them up and puff them up making them nicely quilted and soft. You should expect approximately 25% shrinkage when your pre-washes are complete.

Natural Fabrics – Wool
Wool does not need to be pre-washed, however, if it has not been lanolized prior to you receiving it, then it needs to be lanolized before use.

Diaper Covers
Covers only need one wash before use.

NOTE: Pre-washing means washing in a recommended cloth safe detergent AND drying the diapers. In other words, one pre-wash includes a wash and a dry (whether you air dry or dry in the dryer does not matter).