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It’s Hot Outside…Are My Baby’s Cloth Diapers Too Hot?

We often get asked whether cloth diapers are too hot for babies and whether they will overheat, especially in hot weather or when a PUL or wool cover is used. The answer is quite simply that cloth diapers are in fact cooler than disposables, no matter what kind of cloth diapering system you choose. Here are the numbers…

Disposables: 39.2C / 102.5F
FuzziBunz or similar style (PUL outside with polyester inside): 38.6C / 101.5F
Fleece pocket:  37.7C / 100F
Fitted with fleece shorts as a cover:  36.9C / 98.5F
Pinned prefold with fleece shorts as a cover:  36.1C / 97F
Fitted with wool shorts as a cover:  35.6C / 96F
Pinned prefold with wool shorts as a cover:  35.3C / 95.5F
Just a fitted (no cover):  35C / 95F
Just a pinned prefold:  34.4C / 94F

So there you have it.  Cloth diaper with confidence, regardless of the weather 🙂

*Readings were taken after baby had worn each type of diaper outdoors for 15min. with an outside temperature of 32C / 90F.