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Baltic Amber FACTS vs. MYTHS

There’s a lot of mis-information about amber, a lot of fake amber and a lot of peddlers who just want to make a quick buck by telling you one kind is better than another.  Know your amber facts and buy your amber from a trusted source.  At Cloth Diaper Kids we only carry certified, tested, guaranteed real Baltic Amber.

Colour of Amber and Effectiveness:
Genuine Baltic Amber contains 3-8% succinic acid (and only Baltic Amber).  There are many sites that claim one color is better then the other.  We have not been able to find any true studies to prove that one colour has 3% and another has 8% or vice versa.  Many people think that the lighter the colour the better, but many others say darker is better.  Without ‘proof’ that one has more succinic acid then the other, the only way we can make judgements is by client testimonials.  Lucky for you (and us), ALL of our amber has had rave reviews for helping with pain!!  So, please, buy the design that you love the most.  If you still aren’t sure, we have many different designs that have several different colours combined so you get the best of both worlds!!

Raw vs Polished Amber and Effectiveness:
All of the amber we carry is ‘raw’ amber.  It is in it’s original state and has not been heated, treated or altered in any way.  There are 2 different styles: polished and unpolished (many people call unpolished amber ‘raw’ amber).  All of the amber starts out with a matte/raw finish and to get polished beads, they are tumbled in a container with teeny glass beads that give it a shine, kind of like using sandpaper.  Most raw/matte finished amber will become polished over time with wear.  They all have the exact same effectiveness as they are all genuine Baltic amber in it’s natural form!  So, again, pick the style you like the best.

Do I lay my amber in the sun to recharge it?
Nope, what the sun does is warm it, which softens it, which increases effectiveness for the time being.  The same way that baths and showers do!  Amber doesn’t need any special treatment, it is what it is and works when warmed against your skin.  Period.  No re-charging nonsense necessary.

Real vs Fake Amber:
There are lots of claims that there is a lot of fake amber out there and there is!!  Most of the fakes are the large pieces with inclusions (bugs etc) inside.  These sell for top dollar!!  The amber products that we sell, are small pieces of amber that you wouldn’t find in an expensive jewelry store, collectors site or museum.  Our products are made from the smallest of amber pieces.  Think of diamonds, the smaller the piece, the value goes way down so there isn’t any real reason to create fakes for them.  If you would still like to test your amber, use ¼ cup of salt and 2 cups of warm water ~ mix well.  Place your amber in and it will float if it’s real, sink if it isn’t.  (Rinse all of your amber after you take it out of the salt water before wearing).  Note: there are other ways to test amber as well (the burn test for example, however this involves destroying your necklace and isn’t fool proof).

Also, keep in mind that many things can affect the salt water float test, such as the weight of the string and the plastic clasp which may cause real amber to sink when in fact it is genuine.  The only true way to test your amber is to take it off the string, thus destroying your necklace.

So, how can you know your amber is real without ruining your necklace?  Buy your amber from a trusted source.  At Cloth Diaper Kids we only carry certified, tested, guaranteed real Baltic Amber from Healing Amber, a company that’s been around a long time and sources it’s amber direct from Europe (not through intermediaries).