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Handmade Local Goodness: My Diaper Addiction

mermaids-inner2They’re fuzzy, their soft and squishy, and they’re made just for us.  My Diaper Addiction cloth diapers are locally handmade specifically for our web store Cloth Diaper Kids.  Andrea is a very talented work at home seamstress who adores cloth diapers like we do and she sends us batches of one of a kind diapers for our loyal customers.

Made with a stretch cotton exterior and a bamboo velour interior, these diapers feature one size snap down adjustment and even cross-over snaps at the waist for super skinny babies.  They fit aprox. 10-30lbs, but also come in a newborn size that fits tiny babies 5-12lbs.

These diapers have such character and are very absorbent.  Perfect as a nighttime leakproof solution when you pair them with either a PUL waterproof cover or a wool cover.

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Babies Diaper Leaks During Naps Or At Night Time. What Should I do?

Some babies wet more than others. If you are experiencing persistent leaking, we recommend adding more inserts to pocket diapers or over prefolds during naps and for night time. A combination of a bamboo insert with a micro terry insert often works well without adding too much additional bulk.

If an additional insert or booster isn’t cutting it, then you have a Heavy Wetter and a fitted diaper is what you need to look at.  A fitted diaper absorbs all around, not just within an insert between the legs and as such has a greater total capacity.  A fitted diaper paired with an additional insert and a PUL or wool cover is what you need to wake up dry.