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Hello Thirsties – You’ve Sure Improved Yourself

Drumroll please…

I don’t hear you drumming.  You really need to be drumming for this.  It’s that good.  I don’t spend my time writing blog posts for nothing.  I have kids you know and I can only stay locked in a closet for so long before they find me 😉

Kidding aside, get it ‘kid’ – Bah!

Okay really. On to the diapers.

The NEW Thirsties One Size All In One is here and it’s FABULOUS!  Like, I actually am keeping it in my regular diaper rotation voluntarily after it’s testing phase it’s so good.  And as a retailer that lives and breathes diapers everyday I am SUPER PICKY about what wins rights to be in my regular stash.thirsties-one-size-all-in-one-h&l-whale-tail

So, yes you heard right.  The Thirsties All In One (AIO) is now a one size!  It used to be a sized diaper – you know like a size 1 (6-18lbs) and then sizing up to a size 2 (18-40lbs).  BUT it’s now a ONE SIZE diaper with snap down rise settings (8-40lbs).  Plus, they’ve re-designed it so boys on the largest settings can no longer pee over the insert causing a leak.  This diaper is now as leakproof as they come.

Featuring a waterproof PUL outer in some truly adorable prints, and a microfiber insert topped with soft wicking fleece sewn in at one end, this economical diaper comes in at just $20.  That’s right $20.  Very affordable as far as AIOs go.  Usually AIOs are at the top end of the dollar chart especially if they are North American made (and Thirsties are made right in the USA).  So you’re really getting some bang for your buck.  And I should take a minute to mention that the hook & loop (velcro) closures on this puppy are solid.  Like really good quality, toddler can’t rip them off quality and they will stand thirsties-one-size-all-in-one-features_700x230the test of many washes (unlike some other brands I won’t name).

An excellent daycare, babysitter, grandparent and daddy diaper, they are easy to use and surprisingly quick to dry.  If you haven’t tried one yet, you really need to.  Thirsties has gone the extra mile on these and they are certainly worth their modest price-tag.

Have a look at all the gorgeous colors and prints right here.

Then leave me a comment if you’ve tried it or want to try it out in your own stash 🙂