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Why Can’t I Use Dryer Sheets With My Cloth Diapers?

So, if you’ve been using cloth diapers, you likely already know that you shouldn’t use commercial dryer sheets in the dryer.  But why?

Quite simply it’s because the chemical filled substance that makes the dryer sheet feel waxy is designed to melt with the dryer’s heat and disperse all over your clothing, thus reducing static and adding a long lasting scent.  When it comes to your diapers, that waxy stuff coats your diapers and causes a residue that will build up and make your diapers repell.  What does that mean?  LEAKS!

In fact, if you look at the back of a box of dryer sheets, this is what you’ll see…(click to enlarge)BounceDryerSheets

Comforting right?  Labels like this are one reason why our family doesn’t use dryer sheets for any of our laundry.  Diapers included.

So what to do?  Well, you can use nothing in your dryer if you wish, or consider re-useable dryer sheets or wool dryer balls.

purecofrontSONY DSC

PurEcoSheets for example (pictured above) are great at reducing static and you use them over and over again.  Just throw them in the dryer and you’re done.  They last for years.

Wool dryer balls on the other hand (pictured below) provide a couple of benefits that justify their higher cost. Variety_WOOLIES Aside from softening all your clothing, being all natural in materials and reducing some static, they also help reduce the drying time by circulating clothing so it’s more exposed to hot air all around and by absorbing some moisture themselves.  The more balls, the merrier, however to give you an idea, a 4 pack will reduce dry time by aprox. 25% and 8 will cut your dry time by about 40% for an average load.  How long do they last?  They last for years as well, the color doesn’t transfer onto clothing, not even whites and hey, they’re adorable are they not?

So, ditch the dryer sheets and consider an eco-friendly, baby friendly, cloth diaper friendly dryer solution instead.