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Thirsties Announcement

And Thirsties is stepping up their game this year too with the new Outdoor Adventure Collection!  Most of our brands are putting out new and adorable things this week because of the All Baby and Child (#ABC Kids Expo) Conference that happens annually in October and Thirsties is no exception.  Last year they launched the Woodlands Collection and it was very popular all year for us and I think this new collection will be the same.

Thirsties is passionate about the Great Outdoors. Camping, hiking, simply basking in the breathtaking beauty – it’s one of the things that make life great. That’s why they were super ecstatic to share this year’s newest releases – during the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service in the USA – the Outdoor Adventure Collection. It will be available in all your favorite sizes, styles, and absorbencies, these colors and prints evoke the fun, serene calm, and beauty of the outdoors.

The Collection includes 4 new nature-inspired prints and 1 new color. The new prints can be purchased individually in the following diaper lines: Duo Wrap, Natural Newborn All In One, Natural One Size All In One, One Size Pocket Diaper, One Size All In One, Newborn All In One and Wet Bags. There will also be two packages available.

We will have these enroute to Cloth Diaper Kids shortly and they will be available with the rest of the Thirsties lineup for your baby soon!  Stay tuned.